Why Hello Walter…


A long time ago, in a town far far away, there once lived an artsy type of girl. She wore glasses, never had shoes upon her feet and even though she brushed her hair multiple times a day it never ever looked it. One fine and sunny day this girl grabbed her camera, jumped into her car and took off in search of a little adventure ( which is very different from a lot of adventure I might add). She drove around for a bit and got lost several times before coming across a quaint little road that wound its way too and fro along the bank of a wide muddy brown river. Soon enough a bridge came into view, and the girl enamoured with this not so large but still impressive structure, decided to stop and risk the extra freckles she was bound to get, and get snap happy. An hour and two very sore feet later she returned triumphant back to her car, and zoomed back home with her prize!
Smoke       WT_Bridgerail


Oh and she forgot to mention above that she also found this nifty gate.




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