In love with the Iris

I LOVE Irises, I really REALLY love Irises! There is nothing better than a vase full of this tall stately flower, with its sword-like foliage and delicately ruffled petals. I find them graceful, elegant and inspiring in all of their varied colours, forms and species.

Did you know that in ancient Greece, men would plant purple Iris upon the graves of those women beloved by them, a tribute to the Goddess Iris who would safely guide the souls of said women to the Elysian Fields? I didn’t, isn’t Google awesome!

So to reiterate, I love Iris, they is awesome, I make painting…


I didn’t say that bit above!!!! How remiss of me lol, especially since that is the purpose of this blog post, to share a couple of Iris paintings I completed earlier in the year. The medium I used was watercolour and pen and as I am very new to watercolours, the whole thing was a bit of an experiment; even so, I am very much pleased with how they turned out.

The painting above is the first I did, the colour choices for both paintings was based on what colours I had available at the time. The grey spots and splashes on the paintings are actually an iridescent medium that glimmers in the light.

The Irises are outlined with black pen, and this is what I personally think makes the painting work. Painting 2 above is my children’s favourite as they think the colours are much nicer.